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-: Pink Floyd - High Hopes

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-: Zlad! - I am the Antipope

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Zlad! , . Zladko “Zlad” Vladcik , "". Zlad - , 2004 "Supersonik-Elektronik" Eurovision '04, , a "AntiPope" 2005 .


The conclave entered into the room.
Inside of it they sat, these cardinals of doom.
Their votes was unanimous.
The horror instantaneous.
Observe! Smoke from chimney - not white but red!
They say it was the day that God bled.
Nuns weeped, holy men cursed
As they looked up onto the balcony and saw…
Beelzebub the First!

I am the Anti-Pope.
I am the Anti-Pope.
Like a lion kills an antelope.
Like a hammer hits a cantaloupe.
I am the Anti-Pope.

Two thousand years ago
Jesus said to his travelling show,
"No need for push. Do need for jostle.
Peter, you is my number one apostle.
Your name is mean rock - on you I build church.
No longer for successor I have need for to search."
But by Judas this words was overheard
And with mighty Satan he soon conferred,
"Oh Prince of darkness, be not in hesitation.
The head of God’s Church needs decapitation!"

I am the Anti-Pope.
I am the Anti-Pope.
Like a lion kills an antelope.
Like a hammer hits a cantaloupe.
I am the Anti-Pope.

"Hey, Grim Reaper, lend me your sickle.
This world needs some culling, blood needs to trickle!"
Prepare for the end - the Apocalypse approaches.
It’s feast time for maggots, worms and cockroaches.
But here comes White Horseman - Defender of God,
Exposing to everyone his powerful rod!
"I alone will fight for Jesus Christ
With sword so sharp I can make cheeses sliced."
He laughs to the Devil, he takes aim at Death
And he strikes down the enemy who takes one last breath.
But too early the victor makes his victory roar.
He may win this battle, but he not win the war.
For, yes, Beelzebub the First is set fire to then crucifixxed.
But next Anti-Pope is Zladko the 666th .

Yes, I am the Anti-Pope.
Like a lion kills an antelope.
Like a hammer hits a cantaloupe.
Like a neck in a hanging rope.
Like a germ in a microscope.
Like a witch reads a hor



-: ! - Cousin Kevin (the who)

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:) .


Hey baby wake up from your a sleep
We have arrived onto the future
And the whole world is become....

Elektronik, Supersonik,
Supersonik, Elektronik,

Hey baby ride with me away,
We doesn't have much time,
My blue jeans is tight,
So onto my love rocket, climb,
Inside tank of fuel is not fuel, but love,
Above us, there is nothing above,
but the stars, above

All systems gone!
Prepare for downcount!

5....4....3....1! Off blast!
Fly away, my space rocket,
You no need put money in my pocket
The door is closed I just lock it,
(Ha) I put my (Ha) port plug in your pocket (Ha Ha Ha)

The sun is guys its bright like fire
You and me get higher and higher
Cut communication wire
Only thing can stop us is flat tire

Ha, Ha, Ha Ha Ha Ha

Hey love crusaider
I want to be your space invader
For you I will decend the deepest moon crater
I is more stronger than Darth Vapour
Obey me I is your new dictator
For you is Venus, I am Mars
With you I is more richer than all the tzars
Make a wishes on a shooting stars
Then for you I will play on my cosmic guitars!

Ladies and Gentlemen
Fasten your beltses
We has commenced our decent
I trust you enjoy this flight
As much as you enjoy this accent

Now back on Earth its time for downsplash
Into sea of eternal glory my spaceship crash
People have arrived for cheer me from near and far
And as I float I open door and shout
"I is worlds biggest, wash-up superstar!"

(Supersonik, Elektronik)

As for sure as the sun rises in the west
All the seas and all the boats I am the bestest
come, let me put ring of Jupiter on your finger
Then like a smell around you I will forever linger
Ok, is time for end, no more will I sang
Let me take you back in time,
I want for you to experience big bang

Long live space race
Long live, Molvania





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2012 2005 YU55.

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